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Cars are a modern marvel that improve our lives in many ways. But as you have probably heard before, you are more likely to be seriously hurt in a car wreck than by any other activity. As if driving weren't dangerous enough, some people insist on adding alcohol to the mix. Alcohol-related accidents account for the majority of serious injuries and fatalities on Texas highways. Pursuing compensation against a drunk driver allows you to receive the medical treatment and rehabilitation that help you return to a normal life. You may also be able to pursue damages for the suffering you had to endure from the crash. In the worst case, you can pursue damages for the loss of a loved one. At the Todd Law Firm, we are dedicated to pursuing justice for the victims of drunk drivers in Austin and across Texas. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, contact us today for a free case evaluation. Review the valuable, free information from Austin drunk driving lawyer David Todd and learn how we can help recover damages for your car wreck. Learn how to avoid common mistakes that can compromise your case. Let us protect your rights and help you successfully resolve your injury claim.