I would like to commend my lawyer Mr. David Todd and his professional staff regarding my case from a recent motorcycle accident and all the resulting matters and actions regarding my case or any other legal case. David won my case in a timely matter and also kept me up to date regarding my case during this case with "the opposing parties". My motorcycle accident required David to confer with these different parties regarding my case. Again, I am without question pleased working with David as well as him representing me during my case. I could not ask for better legal representation regarding my injury case as well as my legal ordeal. I would recommend David to anyone who is in the same predicament to obtain his services. What stands above his legal services was that David made me feel comfortable during this ordeal regarding my case with the utmost professionalism as well as personal consultation and I commend him for this. Sometimes this is difficult to obtain a lawyer with these two qualities. In closing, my utmost thanks to David Todd and his law firm. Continued prosperity to you David and your associates. Your creditability as well as your track record will always remain intact with me.

John Cruz