Austin bicycle accident lawyer David Todd discusses, in this informative video, the uniqueness of bicycle accidents. If you have been injured in a Texas bicycle accident you need to understand that you have the same rights as any other motorist with whom you share the roadways.
Austin is known nationally as being a city with a lot of outdoor and athletic activity. A lot of people spend time on a frequent basis outdoors running and riding their bikes.

Unfortunately, other drivers tend to treat them dismissively. They might crowd bikers off the shoulder, pass them too fast and/or pass them at places that are considered unsafe. Several times a year, this leads to an accident with a bicycle and another motorized vehicle. Oftentimes, the results are tragic.

Our team at the Todd Law Firm handles bicycle accidents and wants to help you. We understand your rights as a bicyclist and can help you hold the other driver responsible for your injury. Contact an experienced Austin bicycle accident lawyer today for a free case evaluation.
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