The FM 552 project by the Texas Department of Transportation in Rockwall, Texas is starting to acquire property now for road improvement. I'm David Todd. I am an eminent domain attorney in Austin, Texas, and we are tracking this project as we do many projects around the state and helping landowners that are affected by it. This is a project, as I said, by TxDOT in Rockwall County. It's a reconstruction and widening of approximately 5.2 miles of FM 552 to a four lane roadway from SH 205 to SH 66. Even though the construction won't begin for a few years, the right of way acquisition is underway now.

If you're affected by this property or think you might be, if you've received some sort of notice of it or have heard about it, feel free to contact us through our website,, and we will be happy to help you understand more about how this process works. You can also get from our website, you can download for free, our Texas Eminent Domain Guide, which will walk you through the process and also explain how we can help you make sure you get maximum compensation and protect your property when you're affected by a project like this. 

Here is a link to more project information.

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