A Texas car accident caused by another person's carelessness can be disheartening. It is even worse when that person was drunk behind the wheel.

The Austin personal injury attorneys at the Todd Law Firm know just how aggravating a drunk driving accident can be for the victims involved. If you or your family member has been hurt in an Austin drunk driving accident, you need to make sure that you get justice.

It is even more important than normal to contact an attorney after an Austin drunk driving accident. You need a lawyer to gather information about the driver's intoxication level and collect other evidence that will support your case. Your attorney will also follow up on the criminal case against the driver. Basically, you need an Austin personal injury lawyer to create the strongest case possible for you.

To get answers to your questions or to find out your legal options, contact the Todd Law Firm today by calling 512-472-7799. We will provide you with the information you need following a serious Texas drunk driving crash. https://www.davidtoddlaw.com/practice_areas/austin-car-accident-attorney-texas-car-accident-attorney-for-child.cfm

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