CJ Express Pipeline

Midcoast Energy, LLC (“Midcoast”) is proposing a new pipeline (“CJ Express”), which will be incorporated with existing Midcoast facilities, to provide natural gas transportation services from the Carthage area to Houston Ship Channel and Gulf Coast markets.

The CJ Express Pipeline will consist of up to 150 miles of 36 inch or larger diameter pipeline, commencing near Carthage in Panola County, Texas and extending south to Midcoast’s Clarity Pipeline in Hardin County, Texas to provide for deliveries to Trunkline Gas (NTX), Gulf South (Area 10), TRANSCO (Zone 2), TETCO (STX & WLA), Florida Gas (Zone 1), Tennessee Gas (100 Line), Kinder Morgan Texas Pipeline, Atmos Texas Pipeline and Channel Industries Gas.

Midcoast anticipates CJ Express to be completed in mid-2020.

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