Hardy Downtown Connector - North Houston Highway Improvement Project - Harris County

The proposed project includes:

Adding four managed express lanes (also known as max lanes) on I-45 from Beltway 8 North to downtown Houston, rebuilding main lanes and frontage roads, rerouting of I-45 in the downtown area to join I-10 on the north side of downtown and US 59/I-69 on the east side of downtown, removing the existing elevated I-45 roadway along the west and south sides of downtown, adding access to the west side of downtown via “Downtown Connectors” that would allow access to and from various downtown streets , realigning both I-10 and US 59/I-69 within the proposed project area to eliminate the current roadway curvature‚Äč, adding four I-10 express lanes between I-45 and US 59/I-69.

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