So what is the North Harris County Regional Water Authority Project 31? I'm eminent domain attorney David Todd here in Austin, Texas, and I want to tell you about this project that's being put on by the North Harris County Regional Water Authority and the City of Houston. This may be affecting you if you live in this area so here's some of the details. The authority is partnering with the City of Houston to construct an additional 16 and a half miles of pipe from the NEWPP to the new state highway 249 regional pump station and storage facility. This will include 2200 feet of 120 inch line that's 10 feet in diameter. Another segment shared with the Central Harris County Regional Water Authority will be nine foot in diameter and almost eight miles long. These huge pipes are big enough to drive a truck through so this is a big project, they're going to move a lot of water.

This project was in final design and right of way surveying according to the filing by the authority in November of 2020. There's a lot of movement recently as far as acquiring the right of way from landowners. So if you're affected by this project or think you might be, or just want some more information about it, check out our free eminent domain guide and then contact us to see how we can help you make sure you get full compensation and protection for your property when you're effected by this project. I wish you good luck with it, and we'd be happy to help you.

Here's a link to more information on the project.

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