So what is the Texas State Highway 72 Project? I'm Texas eminent domain attorney David Todd, and I want to tell you a little bit about this project in case you might be affected by it. TxDOT, or Texas Department of Transportation, has filed their information for a project to improve and enhance State Highway 72. The plan here is all going to occur within DeWitt County in Texas. The proposed improvements include the addition of one 12 foot wide lane in each direction, a four foot wide flush median, 10 foot wide shoulders. Approximately 98 acres of proposed right of way would be required for the project, which might include your property if you're in this area. There are extensive utility conflicts apparently near the western end of the project. So a one-mile section of State Highway 72 has been shifted slightly to the south, adjacent to the existing roadway. The proposed right of way is approximately 130 feet in width.

The filing that TxDOT did showed right of way acquisition beginning in the spring of 2020 and construction sometime in fiscal 2021. We have seen movement recently as far as offers to landowners, so they're a little bit behind schedule on this, but it is happening now.

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