6 Tips for Dealing with Insurance Adjusters after an Austin Car Accident (Part B)

Handling an Austin car accident is a delicate process, and as a victim you must be extremely careful not to make any foolish mistakes. Below is a list of what not to do during your injury claim process. You may also decide you want to hire an injury lawyer in Travis County, Texas, who can further assist you along the way.

What Not to Do After an Austin Car Accident

It is not uncommon for an insurance company to try to lowball or trick you during the claims process or with settlement offers. It is important for you to know what not to do when settlement offers begin so you aren't fooled or coerced into anything.

Make sure you don't allow the insurance adjuster to record your phone calls. The adjuster could try to get you to say something that would cause the insurance company to reduce or flat-out deny your injury claim by manipulating your words out of context. They will ask you for permission to record, and you should always say no.

Do not sign medical release forms.
Your injury lawyer in Travis County, Texas will tell you that if you release your medical records, this will let the insurance company see every treatment you have ever had (including everything unrelated to the accident). If they find a preexisting condition that can be construed to undermine your current injuries, your claim could be reduced or denied.

You should not give a written statement even if you are told it is required. Often the written statement is required by the company and not the law. Legally there is no law mandating a statement. Small details or statements could be taken out of context and harm your case.

Do not sign a settlement offer without careful and thorough review
. Every settlement offer you receive should be reviewed by you and your attorney. The insurance adjuster's goal is to get you to accept the lowest offer possible, and once it is signed, there is no turning back. Reviewing the settlement with your attorney will make sure you are getting what you deserve.

Contacting an Injury Lawyer in Travis County, Texas

Before you take the important step of hiring an attorney, educate yourself about what you can expect from a Texas injury case. Order this free guide for Texas accident victims and learn: 
  • What to ask a lawyer before hiring them to take your case.
  • The most common reasons a Texas personal injury claim will fail.
  • What you can do to protect your injury claim. 
Not every accident case requires the help of an attorney and we can help you to determine whether yours is one of those cases! If you are ready to get started with your case, we urge you to contact us today for a FREE case evaluation - 1-512-472-7799.