Are We a Good Match? 5 Things to Ask Your Austin Car Accident Attorney (Part A)

Hiring an Austin car accident attorney isn't a matter of pulling up a page of Internet search results and choosing the first option. You need to ask some critical questions when seeking legal advice after a serious traffic accident in Travis County, Texas.

There are 5 major things you should ask any attorney before you agree to legal representation when you've been injured in a serious accident or lost a loved one because of another driver's negligence.

Question 1: Do I have a case?

Before you do anything, you need to determine whether you have the grounds to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim. If your traffic accident in Travis County, Texas resulted in only minor injuries, you may not need an attorney at all. Most minor accident cases can be resolved with the insurance companies alone if they're considered substantial enough to be compensated for at all.

Question 2: What is your history regarding my type of case?

An Austin car accident attorney isn't going to help you if he or she has never tried a case like yours. This question actually opens up a series of smaller questions you should ask your potential attorney to ensure he or she has the experience and resources to handle your traffic accident in Travis County, Texas.

Some of the things you should consider about potential attorneys' history with car accident claims include:
  • Do they take cases to trial (and how many have they done)?
  • What is their track record with verdicts and settlements?
  • How long have they been handling cases like yours?
  • Have they won any awards in this area of law? and
  • Can they cite case results from a settlement similar to yours? 
The more experience your attorney has with similar cases, the better suited he or she will be to giving your case the most professional support possible.

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