Things You Can Say that Could Wreck Your Texas Car Crash Claim (Part A)

After you’ve been involved in a car accident, you have some split-second decisions to make, and probably all or most of them are centered on how you’re going to react to the situation and what you’re going to do next. We often don’t think of the long-term consequences in these situations, and in our haste and frustration, we can do and say things that will hurt us later. You may not be able to speak to an auto insurance claims attorney from the accident scene, but try to take everything into account because it will impact your ability to settle your claim.

In order to avoid compromising the integrity of your Texas car crash claim, there are certain things you should avoid doing or saying.

Statements that Can Jeopardize Auto Insurance Claims  
  • "I’m sorry" – It’s possible that you’re just trying to be polite, even if you know you’re not responsible for what happened, but don’t apologize because it will be taken as an admission of guilt and used against you.
  • "It’s all their fault" – Fault won’t be determined at the scene of the accident, and you’ll be written off as hysterical.
  • "I don’t need medical attention" – Even if you think you’re not hurt, always seek medical treatment. Documented medical treatment is required to settle a claim successfully.
  • "We don’t have to file a claim or report this to the police" – Failing to report the accident can have legal consequences.
  • "What I think happened was…" – Don’t ever guess about what happened. Unless you’re certain of the way something occurred, don’t speculate. There’s nothing wrong with just saying that you don’t know. 
How a Texas Auto Insurance Claims Attorney Can Help

When you are considering pursuing a Texas car crash claim for the damages done to your car and the injuries you and your other passengers sustained, seek reliable counsel and car accident insurance claims advice from a lawyer who has experience handling cases similar to yours. Contact us at 1-512-472-7799 for car accident insurance claims advice.

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