Bastrop, Texas Personal and Child Injury Lawyer

Child Injuries
Most injuries have a much more devastating impact on a child than on an adult.  That's because children have a much lower capacity to absorb trauma or toxins compared to adults.  Lead, for instance, may not have a serious effect on adults, but when children are exposed to high lead content in the paint coating the toys they play with, they may be at serious risk of neurological damage.  Additionally, children are not in charge of their own safety and health, and depend on adults to provide a safe environment for this.  These adults include not just parents and caregivers, but also motorists, operators of day care centers, and manufacturers of children's toys and children's products. 
A Bastrop child injury lawyer can identify the parties that are responsible for your child’s injuries, and help you recover compensation for these injuries.
Motor Vehicle Accidents
In the year 2010, there were 2,998 auto accident fatalities in the state of Texas.  That was a decline from 3,104 fatalities the previous year, but those figures still meant close to 3000 fatalities that were mostly preventable.  Most of these fatalities involved speeding, intoxicated and distracted motorists. 
The first thing that you should do if you have been involved in an accident in Bastrop is to make sure that you and all the occupants of your car get the medical care and attention you need.  The next step should be to get in touch with a Bastrop car accident lawyer, in order to protect your rights to compensation. 
Dog Bites and Animal Attacks
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there are about 4.5 million dog bites in the United States every year.  Many of these bites can be prevented if dog owners display responsible dog ownership practices.  For instance, it's important to research the breed of the dog, and consult with professionals like veterinarians and animal behaviorists to determine what sort of breed is suitable for your home before you introduce a dog into your home. 
Unfortunately, many people do not think these decisions through, and do not invest resources in training their pets or socializing them.  The result is very often a vicious dog that lashes out at the first available victim, who is very often a child.  Texas has strict dog bite laws that allow Buda dog bite lawyers to file claims to recover compensation from irresponsible dog owners and property owners.
Defective Products
Every year, millions of people in the United States are injured by the use of defective products, including toys, and other children's products, defective pharmaceuticals and medical devices, defective auto components, and other products.  Claims involving defective products can be different from auto accident claims.  These cases often involve corporations, which have extensive legal resources to deal with liability issues.  This is why you need an expert Bastrop product liability lawyer to file a defective product claim for you.
Serious Injury and Catastrophic Accident
Catastrophic injuries can include head injuries, spinal cord injuries, multiple fractures and amputations.  These are serious, life-altering injuries that can mean lifelong medical expenses as well as a vastly reduced quality of life.  The impact of these injuries will require not just long-term medical care, but also modifications to the individual's lifestyle, like enhancements to his home and vehicle, that can provide a better quality of life for him. 
All of this means heavy expenses that must be factored into any catastrophic injury claim.  A Bastrop catastrophic injury lawyer with expertise and experience in recovering compensation for victims of such injuries can file a claim that helps you recover not just the costs of medical care, but also your potential lost income and other losses.
Wrongful Death
Under Texas law, survivors of a person killed due to the negligence of others can file a wrongful death action that can claim compensation for funeral expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering of the victim, loss of consortium and other damages.  However, a Bastrop wrongful death lawyer must file a wrongful death action as quickly as possible for survivors to be eligible for compensation.