Cause of Child Head Injury from Unsafe Daycare Regulations in Austin, Texas (Part B)

Daycare regulations in Austin, Texas specify certain health practices related to sanitation of food, equipment, supplies, children and workers. But there are also safety regulations concerning play materials and equipment, bodies of water, medication, and general repair of the building and grounds. 

Help from a Child Injury Attorney in Austin

Despite the many regulations that are in place concerning the health and safety of children enrolled in daycare, accidents do happen. While some aren’t preventable, an act of negligence or failure to follow safety standards could lead to an injury. This is why you may benefit in speaking to a child injury attorney in Austin, to learn if you have a legitimate claim.

One of the most common types of accidents to occur in a daycare resulting in injury is a fall. Many times it’s the result of climbing on something, often on outdoor play equipment. Children who aren’t properly supervised or who aren't discouraged from this type of activity could be seriously injured.

Falls can lead to broken bones, head trauma or even a spinal cord injury. Determining the cause of a child head injury or any other type of injury sustained at daycare may require an investigation from a child injury attorney in Austin.

If you have child injury law questions or would like to have your case reviewed by an attorney, you should do it as soon as possible. It will take time to investigate and piece together the evidence that may demonstrate an act of negligence on behalf of a daycare worker or the center. 

Don’t assume that it will be too difficult to prove the cause of a child head injury due to the failure of a daycare following regulations in Austin, Texas. When you face expensive medical bills and an uncertain prognosis of your child’s injuries, you deserve to know what legal options may be available. 

Contacting a Child Injury Attorney in Austin

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