Filing a Birth Injury Claim in Texas Related to Umbilical Cord Compression (Part A)

A lawyer in Austin who has experience with claims involving birth injury in Texas can help if your child was seriously injured as a result of umbilical cord compression. When you believe that your child’s injuries were preventable and that medical negligence was the cause, then compensation could be available.  

To learn what your rights are and to determine if you have a legitimate birth injury claim in Texas, speak to a child injury lawyer in Austin, Texas as soon as possible. Don’t delay; there’s limited time in which you can recover damages for cases such as this.

Overview of Umbilical Cord Compression

While there are a variety of reasons that an umbilical cord can compress and may even be normal during the process of labor, too much compression could lead to serious complications. This is why it’s vital that all healthcare practitioners carefully monitor the baby and mother.

A slow reaction by medical staff could lead to devastating, life-altering consequences. As a result, you may be able to pursue a birth injury claim in Texas. 

One of the more common ways that the umbilical cord can compress is if it gets wrapped around the baby’s neck or body. Sometimes it’s the result of the baby moving around in the uterus, and other times it happens while the doctor is attempting to deliver the baby. 

It can also happen while the mother is contracting, and the baby is going down the birth canal. So while it may not always be preventable, it should be recognized and properly attended to. When it’s not, it may be a case of medical negligence, and you should contact a child injury lawyer in Austin, Texas to pursue a birth injury claim.

When there’s too much compression, the blood flow is interrupted. This decreases the amount of oxygen the baby's brain receives. It can also cause variable decelerations, when the heart rate experiences sudden drops. 

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