If you're a landowner who may be effected by the I-35 Capital Express mobility program, then this information is for you. My name is David Todd. I'm an eminent domain attorney in Austin, Texas, and we are going to be helping landowners with this particular project. This is a project by TEXDOT, or the Texas Department of Transportation, and it consists of three different areas. There's a north, a central, and a south portion of this I-35 project all occurring in Travis County, Texas, and all within the area in or near Austin, Texas. The Capital Express south portion of the project, proposed to add two non-tolled managed lanes in each direction along I-35 from state highway 71, or Ben White Boulevard to state highway 45 southeast. The managed lanes are proposed to ease congestion, and they're also to provide a less congested route for qualifying vehicles during peak periods.

The managed lanes control the access, or will control the access by placing restrictions on use. It also will include additional safety and mobility improvements. The timing of this project was, the open house occurred in the fall of 2019 with final design occurring thereafter, and right-away acquisition should be starting in 2021 on into 2022 with construction thereafter. What all this means for you as a landowner is that if you have questions about how you may be affected, or especially how you can be helped to get the best outcome for yourself and your property, contact us at davidtoddlaw.com. Get our free Texas eminent domain guide, and then talk to us about how we can help you get the best outcome for you and your property if you are affected by this project.


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