When you've been injured in an accident, most people wonder, should I talk to the insurance adjuster for the other person? The one that caused the wreck that hit me? And a lot of times the answer is no.

Even though these adjusters may be nice folks, understand that they don't work for you. They work for the insurance company for the other side. And their job is to resolve the case for as little money as possible, or preferably no money if they can figure out a way to do that.

You may not realize that what you say and any information you provide can affect your case. So it's very important to understand how this process works and maybe talk to an attorney before you do any kind of negotiation or sign anything with the other side. They may be friendly, but they're not your friend and they're not on your side. It's very important to have your own advocate - talk to an attorney. Let them deal with the adjuster on the other side or the lawyer on the other side, if it goes that route.

Be very careful if get a call from an adjuster from the opposing side's insurance company, after you've been in an accident. You don't want to do anything to prejudice your case.

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