Filing a Claim with a Texas Personal Injury Attorney after an Austin Accident (Part A)

If you’ve been in an Austin accident and have sustained serious injuries and subsequent medical expenses, you’ll likely want to speak to a Texas personal injury attorney about filing a personal injury claim to see if you can recover the expenses that resulted from your accident.

After your car accident, a doctor in Austin should:  
  • assess your injuries;
  • provide a diagnosis; and
  • plan out a treatment plan.  
Through our Texas law blog, visitors are frequently reminded to keep a copy of any medical records and bills handy for your claim, so make sure to start an accident file early.

Immediately After Your Accident

After an Austin accident, the attending police officer should make out a report that will have key information about the accident, as well as both parties’ names and insurance information. You should obtain a copy of the accident report and share it with your attorney.

It’s important to contact your own insurance company and report the accident, regardless of whether you were at fault or not. It’s likely that the other party’s insurance company will promptly contact you and try to get as much information from you as possible.

Be careful when speaking with the insurance companies. They aren’t necessarily out for your best interests and are trained to look for ways to reduce the value of your claim.

Taking the Claim to an Attorney

This is where a Texas personal injury attorney comes in. As soon as possible after your car accident and the doctor in Austin has assessed you, you’ll want to contact a lawyer to discuss your case. A lawyer can help you investigate your case and uncover important details that might have been overlooked. 

It’s good practice to become as informed as you can about the personal injury claims process. You can read a lot of firsthand information through our Texas law blogs and by contacting your Texas personal injury attorney.

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