10 Reasons Why You May Lose Your Texas Personal Injury Claim (Part A)

Protecting your legal rights when filing a Texas personal injury claim is best done with the help of a Georgetown injury attorney working on your side. The insurance company isn't looking out for your best interests, so you need to do everything you can to protect your Texas personal injury claim.

What Can Lead to You Losing Your Texas Personal Injury Claim

Failure to Contact Police
It's against the law not to contact authorities after accident in Williamson County, Texas. You'll also need the police report and any sketches that are done of the accident scene. This will help later when evidence is being collected.

Refusing Medical Treatment
If you refuse medical treatment, you may lose your case. In order to prove the extent and severity of your injuries, you'll need to seek immediate medical attention. Otherwise the insurance company may claim that your injuries weren't severe enough to warrant medical care; therefore, you don't deserve to be compensated.

Disobeying Doctor's Orders
You also don't want to wreck your case by not following doctor's instructions. It's important that you follow through on treatment and procedures recommended, along with showing up for all of your appointments.

Hiding Medical History
By not telling your doctor about previous injuries, you're not only jeopardizing your care, but also your case. Your Georgetown injury attorney can help you reveal any type of information related to your accident so the defendant can't have that against you.

Not Documenting Your Injuries and Progression
When you do seek medical care after your accident in Williamson County, Texas, you don't want to lose your Texas personal injury claim by failing to make sure your pain is accurately documented. Keeping a thorough and detailed account of your pain and how it's affecting you on a daily basis is important to the credibility of your case. Contact your Georgetown injury attorney to further help you with what information is vital to document.

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