TxDOT, or the Texas Department of Transportation, in conjunction with Lubbock County, are planning on doing a Woodrow Road improvement project. And I'm here to tell you a little bit about what that's going to involve and how it may affect you. My name is David Todd, I'm an eminent domain attorney in Austin, Texas, and we are helping people in Lubbock County who are affected by this particular project. The idea here, TxDOT plans to widen and improve Woodrow Road from Slide Road to State Loop 493. The right of way acquisition is set to begin in the summer of 2021, and they had the first public meeting in August of 2020, but they're going to start actually acquiring property in the summer of 2021, with the idea of beginning construction in the spring of 2022.

What does that mean for you as a landowner? Well, if you're along this route, it means that TxDOT may be contacting you to let you know they're going to be taking your property, whether you want them to or not. What can you do to protect yourself? Well, first of all, go to our website, davidtoddlaw.com, and download our free Texas eminent domain guide to find out how this process works, what your rights are, and how you can protect yourself. Then contact us to see how we can help you not only protect your rights, but receive maximum compensation if you are affected by this project.

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