While every case is different, and not all cases require each of the steps outlined below, this is a list of what we normally do at our firm when preparing your personal injury claim, and, if necessary, trying the case. Initial client interview: evaluate the client's claim, educate client regarding the legal process for personal injury cases, determine any deadlines that apply. Contact the opposing party's insurance company, giving them notice of the claim. Gather all evidence, including police accident reports, medical records, other bills and necessary affidavits, photographs, drawings, etc. Interview witnesses. Analyze the legal issues related to the case, including comparative negligence and any damage limits that may apply. Review the medical records and discuss the injuries and prognosis with the client's physicians. Ascertain by reviewing the client's insurance policies and through discussion with the insurance company whether there are any valid liens that must be repaid by the client. Decide whether settlement negotiations should be pursued or if suit should be filed in the case. If a lawsuit is filed, prepare the witnesses, the client and the health-care providers for depositions and possible trial testimony. Prepare and respond to "discovery" - written questions and requests for documentation that can be served by either party on the other. Set the case for trial. Prepare exhibits to be used at trial. Prepare for and go to mediation or arbitration, where appropriate. Prepare and file any necessary briefs and motions with the court. Try the case before a judge or jury Review the verdict to see if either party has grounds for appeal. Advise the client as to whether or not they should appeal the case (note that our contract with you does not obligate us to appeal your case).

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