Working in the farming and agricultural industry can be extremely dangerous, involving heavy and large equipment and hazardous chemicals. Farm accidents include:

  • Tractor accidents
  • Failure of three point hitch
  • Cotton strippers
  • Roller belts
  • Harvesters
  • Grain elevators and augers
  • Packing and loading injuries
  • Stampeding livestock
  • Entrapment in silos or confined places
  • Slip and fall injuries

Many farm accidents result from defective equipment and machinery. These devices may lack proper safety guards or may malfunction suddenly. Other accidents happen because coworkers or other contract laborers behave in a reckless or negligent manner. Most farm employers do not carry workers compensation but instead have farm liability. If defective or improperly serviced machinery injuries a farm worker, the manufacturer or service company responsible for the defective equipment can be forced to pay civil damages in a third-party lawsuit.

Work injuries sustained from the result of farm accidents can be very severe. Injuries may include loss of limbs, broken bones, brain and spinal injuries, and even wrongful death. Injuries sustained on a farm can produce high medical bills and lost wages in conjunction with pain and suffering.

When farming accidents happen, the consequences can be tragic. Contact us at the Todd Law Firm at 512-472-7799 for further information and a free case evaluation. 

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