When someone is killed in an accident, such as a Texas drunk driving crash or a serious car wreck, the legal issues are different than other types of personal injury cases. There are survivorship actions and wrongful death actions. If your loved one was fatally injured due to someone else's negligence, you need to understand what is involved in the legal process.

A wrongful death action is focused on holding the negligent driver accountable for his or her behavior. Surviving family members can also make claims that include various types of losses associated with the fatal accident. It is very important to speak with a knowledgeable Austin injury attorney to find out what is involved in these legal claims.

If you have lost a loved one because of another person's carelessness, you deserve some answers. Contact an experienced Austin injury lawyer today at the Todd Law Firm by calling 512-472-7799. We will review your Texas wrongful death claim and provide you with much needed advice.

It is crucial that you know all of your rights and that you know what steps to take to not only hold the negligent party responsible, but also to recover losses that resulted from your loved one's death. https://www.davidtoddlaw.com/practice_areas/austin-personal-injury-attorney-texas-accident-lawyer-personal-injury-law-lawyer.cfm

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