Our Different Approach to Billing

Divorce is an expensive process. You may find it ironic that in the U.S. the average cost of getting divorced is the same as getting married: $30,000.00 (which also happens to be the average cost of a new car). It is not uncommon for divorces with large estates or extended custody battles to exceed $100,000.00 in legal fees per side. In the biggest divorce battles, clients may spend more than a million dollars each getting divorced.

The hourly rate billing system used by most family law attorneys puts the lawyer at odds with the client. The longer the process takes, the higher the cost for the client, and the more money for the lawyer, without necessarily improving the outcome of the case. Many clients hire an attorney with a minimum initial retainer that seems reasonable, only to be shocked at the overall cost as they must continually replenish the retainer as the case goes on.

Even worse, some clients run out of money during the process and the attorney has to withdraw from the case. Then the client has to stop proceedings and find a new lawyer or accept an unfavorable offer from the other side just to end the case. With the fate of your children and your assets at stake, that is a terrible position to be in. It is far better to know what your case will cost you and to arrange how you will pay for it before you begin the process. Then you and your attorney can focus on what really matters: obtaining the best possible outcome as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In an effort to bring certainty (and sanity) to the process, we have adopted fixed fees for divorce, custody and other family law matters. This allows clients to budget for their case up-front and avoid the open-ended, "sky's the limit" legal fees they may otherwise end up paying. It also allows the client and the lawyer to work together for the most efficient, effective solution without worrying that "the clock is running" every time they communicate about the case.

Contact us for more details on what your family law case will cost. We look forward to working with you to get the best possible outcome for your case.