Austin Texas Family Law Attorney and Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ

Texas family law attorney and personal injury lawyer frequently asked questions and answers.

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  • How do I choose a car accident lawyer?

    Use these five factors in choosing a lawyer for your car accident case.


    1. Focus

    Personal injury cases are different from other areas of law.
    Car accidents are different from other types of personal injury cases.
    Use a car accident specialist.

    2. Reputation

    Learn the attorney's reputation through:

    Online reviews
    Word of mouth
    Client testimonials

    3. Results

    Review the lawyer's results.
    What have they achieved for other car accident victims like you?

    4. Dedication

    Find out how dedicated the lawyer can be to you and your case.

    What is their current caseload (i.e. do they have time for you)?
    Who will work on your case?
    How will you be updated and informed on the status of your case?

    5. Comfort

    Test your comfort level with the lawyer.

    Treat you with respect?
    Appear easy to work with?
    Answer your questions?
    Seem to care about you and your case?

    Remember: trust your gut feeling!

    Car accident cases are different and not every lawyer is the right one for your case. To discuss your situation and see if we are a good fit for you, contact us today.



  • When should I hire a car accident lawyer?

    You should contact an attorney after a car accident if any of the 10 following factors apply to you.

    1. You have a serious injury such as:

    brain injury
    spine injury
    broken bones
    long recovery
    permanent disability

    2. You need help proving and recovering lost income

    3. You need help with Medical bills such as:

    emergency room 
    MRI/cat scan
    hospital stay
    No health insurance

    4. You need help with past and future treatment and rehabilitation costs

    5. Liability is Contested

    Other driver blames you.
    Their insurer blames you.
    Your insurer blames you.

    6. Coverage is Disputed 

    Their insurer denies coverage.
    Your insurer denies coverage.

    7. The other driver has no insurance

    You must use your uninsured motorist coverage.


    8. You are getting the insurance company "runaround"

    You cannot reach an insurer adjuster.
    The insurer ignores you.
    The adjuster "loses" paperwork.


    9. You do not know your "statute of limitations"

    That is the fancy legal term for your deadline. It is the date by which you have to file suit.

    10. You are too busy with treatment or work to deal with all this.

    Every case is different. To discuss the details of your car accident and learn your options, contact us today.

  • What will it cost me to hire a Texas personal injury lawyer?

    Some lawyers charge thousands of dollars to provide legal help. However, at the Todd Law Firm, we handle your injury case on a contingent fee basis. This means we only get paid after we recover the compensation you and your family deserve. We "put our money where our mouth is" when we accept an injury case. Since our interests are aligned with yours, we are motivated to maximize your recovery. And, the initial consultation to discuss your case is free.

  • How long will it take to settle my Texas injury claim?

    At the Todd Law Firm, we work to gather all the evidence needed to settle or, when necessary, litigate your case as quickly as possible. However, even cases that settle may take months due to delays in obtaining medical and other records, and time required to negotiate with the other party's insurer. If a case requires filing a lawsuit, resolution of the case may take a year of more, depending on case complexity and the actions of each side in the suit. Texas places strict time limits on resolving your injury claim and waiting too long to speak to an attorney can be fatal to your claim. To avoid losing the right to be compensated for your injuries, you should contact us immediately to discuss your options and any deadlines that apply to your case.

  • How much is my Texas personal injury case worth?

    It sounds like "lawyer speak" but the true answer is "that depends". Every case is different. In a sense, your case is worth what you settle it for or what a jury decides it is worth in their verdict. Case values vary greatly depending on the severity of your injuries, the behavior of the negligent party, and how thoroughly you prepare for settlement negotiations and trial. The valuation of your case may change as we gather evidence and investigate the facts of your accident. We strongly believe that the only way to maximize your recovery from the insurance company of whoever hurt you is to have an experienced attorney on your side. Our experience in evaluating injury claims and maximizing the value of every case we accept allows us to determine the expected value of your case. Contact us today to discuss your situation.

  • What are the steps in a Texas personal injury case?

    First, we will investigate what happened, gather all accident reports and physical evidence including photographs and medical records and witness statements. We will also investigate the background of the other party, including criminal and driving history when appropriate. Next we will prepare a settlement demand package, sometimes in conjunction with mediation to try and settle the case.. Next we will negotiate with the insurer of the person or company that injured you. If we are unable to negotiate a settlement that we believe is fair and with which you are happy, we will file a lawsuit, conduct discovery and prepare for trial. Then we will take the case to trial. Either side may then appeal the trial result if the court makes legal mistakes that warrant a different result or a new trial. Contact us today to discuss the steps we will use to get the best result for your injury claim.

  • Should I talk to the adjuster after my Texas accident?

         No, you should not talk to the other driver's insurance adjuster, at least until you have discussed your case with an attorney. The other person's insurer adjsuter will likely contact you seeking a recorded statement. Remember, the adjuster's job is to resolve your case by paying as little money as possible. That is much easier with people who have not discussed their case with a lawyer. If you give a statement, you may inadvertently say something that could damage your case. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your accident and your options before talking to any insurance adjuster.

  • How can I recover money for Texas personal injury accident?

         By carefully documenting  your accident, your injuries and your economic damages, you increase your odds of receiving full and fair compensation from the person who caused your injuries. In a serious injury case, you generally will receive more if you have the assistance of a personal injury attorney. Thorough preparation of your claim is essential for resolving your case by settlement or, when necessary, taking it to trial.

  • How do recover lost wages after my Texas injury accident?

         Lost wages are part of the damages you may be compensated for in an injury claim. Document missed work and get a letter from your employer confirming the lost wages. You will need this information in claiming lost wage damages in your Texas personal injury claim.

  • How do I pay my medical bills after a Texas injury accident?

         If you have health insurance, use it to get all needed treatment as soon as possible. Keep a record of any out of pocket expenses such as non-covered medications or medical devices and co-pays. You may also receive medical bill payment assistance under the other driver's automobile insurance "med pay" benefit (if you were in a car wreck) but do not sign anything that might indicate you are settling your entire claim. If unsure about signing a check or other form, contact a personal injury lawyer first.